Admission to Grade I and above is given based on the result of an admission test conducted and after the interaction of the principal with the candidates and the parents. The syllabus for the admission test is hereunder:

·      Class I


English: A or An, Singular and Plural (by adding ‘s’), opposite, names of wild and domestic animals, Days of the week and months of the year, Make sentences. Usage of this & these, that & those/ writing 3 to 4 sentences on topic of relevance like My Pet, Myself, My Father etc.

Arithmetic : Numericals 1 to 100; Number names, (1 to 50), Before, after, Greater than and less than, Between, backward counting 20 to 0, Addition of 2 digit numbers without carrying, Subtraction of one digit number; shapes, concept of tens and ones.

Class II


English: Noun, Verb, usage of is, am, are has, have, Number, Gender, Opposites, Occupation, Days of the week, Months of the year; Cries of birds and animals; homes of animals, Jumbled words, use of capital letters and full stops, Paragraph writing (5 sentences) on topic of relevance like My Pet, My House, My Mother, My Father, Animals, Birds, Fruits, My School etc.

Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, (2 and 3 digits without carrying), Problem sums on addition, subtraction, Before, after, between, backward counting, Ascending/descending order, Multiplication tables 2 to 10, multiplication without carrying.

Class III


English: Nouns (Proper & Common), Adjectives, Verbs,usage of is, am, are, has, have Change of gender of nouns, number; opposites; Occupation of people, use of capital letters and full stops; Preposition.

Composition: Paragraph writing, picture description (10 sentences), make sentences, spelling, Comprehension.

Arithmetic: Number names (upto 1000), Addition, Subtraction (3 digits,carry over), Multiplication; Division; Simple problem sums; multiplication tables (2-12), division of Rupees and Paisa, place value, expanded form, before, after, between, ascending, descending, Time.

Class IV


English: Grammar: Subject and Predicate; number, gender, pronoun, articles, tenses (simple and continuous), Adjectives of Quality, quantity, Adverbs of (manner, time & place), conjunctions, collective & abstract nouns, preposition, make sentences.

Composition: Comprehension, paragraph writing, picture description, letter writing (informal).

Arithmetic: Number Names till 10,000, Addition with carrying, Subtraction (four digits), multiplication & division (2 digits), Problem sums on (add/sub/multi/div)/Simplification on Add and sub only/ Conversion m to cm and cm to m, place value, expanded form, ascending and descending order; Geometry : Ideas on geometrical figures like, square/triangle/rectangle.

Class V


English: Grammar: Noun, pronoun, articles, preposition, Adjectives, verb, Tense (simple & continuous) Adverbs, kinds of sentence, Subject predicate, object, transitive & intransitive verbs, Active and Passive Voice. Composition: Picture description, paragraph writing, letter writing (informal), comprehension.

Mathematics: Large numbers: – place value, face value, Indian& International place value system. Roman Number – 100, addition & subtraction with problem sums .multiplication and division with properties and problem sums, multiple factors:- even & odd numbers, prime numbers, factorization.

Composition: write 15 sentences on autobiographies, letter writing- informal.

Class VI


English: Grammar:

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Number/Gender
  3. Article usage
  4. Tenses, (fill in the blank with correct form of the verb) active and passive voice, agreement of the verb with the subject

Compositions: Paragraphs; Comprehensions; letter writing (informal), sentence making, story writing

Mathematics: Factors (LCM, HCF), fractions-Decimals-idea, areas, percentage (without problem sums), Roman Number, basic operations of large numbers.

Geometry: Straight line, angle, triangle and its kinds.

Class VII


English: Grammar: Parts of speech (Identification/ fill in the gaps with special emphasis on Preposition, adjective, adverb, verb)/ Sequence of tenses, agreement of the verb with the subject/ Active-passive voice/ reported speech, articles.

Composition: : Paragraph-Narrative/descriptive/ Comprehension/ letter writing formal/ informal.

Mathematics: Arith: Diff operations on whole numbers, Problem related LCM, HCF, Ratio proportion, percentage and its applications, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, word problem on fractions, decimals and integers.

Algebra: Operations on algebric expressions (add/sub) linear equations with one variable

Geometry:: All types of angles, lines (pair of lines and transversal), types of triangles quadrilateral with diagrams/perpendicular and drawing of angles-multiple or submultiple of 15 degree construction of bisector of lines and angles.

Mensuration::Perimeter and area of rectangle and square using formula, perimeter of triangle, components of circle.

Class VIII


English: Grammar: Parts of speech (Identification/ fill in the gaps with special emphasis on Preposition, adjective, adverb, verb)/ Sequence of tenses, agreement of the verb with the subject/ Active-passive voice/ reported speech ,clauses, conditionals, gerunds & infinitives.

Composition: Paragraph-Narrative/descriptive/ Comprehension/ letter writing (formal/informal) notice writing.

Arithmetic: Arithmetic- Integers, fractions, Decimals, Rational Numbers, exponents, Algebraic expression, linear equation in one variable (problem sums), ratio and proportion, Unitary method, percentage, profit/ loss, Simple interest, lines and angle, Parallel lines, properties of triangle, congruence of triangles, construction of triangles, mean, median, mode of ungrouped data, bar graphs, probability, perimeter and arteas of rectilinear figure(rectangle, square, triangle, circle).

Geometry: All types of angles, lines (pair of lines and transversal), types of triangles with diagrams/ drawing of angles-multiple or submultiple of 90 degree.

Mensuration : Perimeter and area of rectangle and square using formula, perimeter of triangle.

Class IX


English: Grammar& Composition Comprehension , letter writing (informal/ formal), paragraph writing, notice writing, dialogue writing, parts of speech, voice, determiners, sentence completion, sequence of tenses, agreement of the verb with the subject, conditionals; reported speech.

Mathematics: Rational Numbers, Exponents, Square & Square roots, Cubes & cube roots, profit & loss, Compound interest, discount, ratio proportion, time and work. Operation on algebraic expressions, identities: (a+b)2, (a-b)2, a²-b² Factorization of polynomials using above identities, by middle term breaking. Linear Equation in one variable and problem on linear equation.Volume & surface Area of cuboids, Cube & right circular cylinder.Area of a trapezium & a polygon.Quadrilaterals, parallelograms.Construction of Quadrilaterals. Data handling, Construction & interpreting bar graphs, pie chart, probability Science

Chemistry: Fuels (fossils- coal and petroleum), Alloys and corrosion (concept effect and prevention) Balancing reactions.

Physics : The universe _ solar system, earth – diameter, moon, sun, stars, comets, meteors Light- refraction glass- slab, prism, ray diagram for lenses. Electric current- Concept of charge, current, cell voltaic, dry, effects of electric current.

Biology: The world of Micro-organism, Cell structure plants and animals, soil erosion and conservation.


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