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Teachers speak:

All the teachers are aptly qualified and run through continuous training that keep them abreast of modern trends in both education and teaching methods. Our classes are participative and the school environment is geared to make the average student better.

Teacher-Student ratios are generally 1:30. This helps concentrate on individual students and to raise their confidence levels thereby enabling them to discover more.

We at J.S.S. are trying to create a true learning institution. An institution that provides students with an opportunity, a challenge and support that a student needs to grow, develop and become a useful citizen of tomorrow. The system of education we impart aims at the overall development of every student enabling them to succeed in life. K S Ravi, Principal – J.S.S. International School.

At J.S.S. International School we are more committed to a holistic and pragmatic approach towards learning because we want to develop every child’s in-born capabilities to think, solve problems and so on.Mrs. YasminBanu, Teacher – J.S.S. International School.

We change our menu every week in consultation with a qualified dietician. To ensure the hygiene aspect of the food served, all the kitchen staff run through annual health checks. We ensure that our students get wholesome, nutritious and yummy food. MrSivakumar, Kitchen In-charge – J.S.S. International School.

Students speak:

We have superb sporting facilities and excellent coaches in our campus.

Foreign students live in a culturally enriching environment. This environment is continuously supportive of our success and for grooming us to become achievers.

Leaders of great eminence visit JSS often. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the former president of India visited JSS and interfaced with JSS students. Such visits inspire and motivate students to higher levels of performance.

JSS is absolute fun and action. We celebrate and enjoy every festival. Independence day, Founders day, Sports day you name it. Its our home, that we long to come back to.

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