The investiture ceremony of JSS International school, Ooty was conducted on 14th July 2017 in the school auditorium. The School students council were honoured on this day.The Chief guest for the occasion was Mr Murali Ramba, The Superintendent of Police, of the Nilgiris. The Chief Guest along with the Principal and the House masters honoured the prefectorial body with their badges.
Mr Murali Ramba addressed the students on leadership and its importance. He also mentioned that our school has motivated and encouraged the young leaders to do their duties and carry out their responsibilities.
The office bearers for the year 2017-18 are as follows.
J Vishal – School Captain
Adithvas – School Vice Captain
Mahesh – School sports captain
Monish Shekar – School Sports Vice Captain.
Ashwin – School Boys Hostel Captain
Aravind Jei – School Boys Hostel Vice Captain
Dipa Singal – School Girls Hostel Captain
Ganga Pradeep – School Girls Hostel Vice Captain
Darshini – School Cultural Captain
Sunny Kevin John – School Cultural Vice Captain
Gokul – School Cultural Vice Captain
Mahitha – School Cultural Prefect
Bharat Ram -School Sports Prefect

Vishal Ravikumar -Agni House Captain
Tharun Vijay – Agni House Vice Captain
Famiez – Agni House Prefect -1
Aashish – Agni House Prefect -2

Vishal Ravichandran – Jala House Captain
Reshma M – Jala House Vice Captain
Dharmik – Jala House Prefect -1
Maneesh – Jala House Prefect – 2

Hari Priya – Prithvi House Captain
Prithviraj -Prithivi House Vice Captain.
Laquintha – Pritivi House Prefect -1
Ranaveer – Prithivi House Prefect -2

Dhanush – Vayu House Captain
Bhavya – Vayu House Vice captain
Monicaa -Vayu House Prefect-1
Samay – Vayu House Prefect -2

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