The Inter House Dramatics Competition for the year 2017-18 was held on 25th November,2017 in the auditorium.The Judges for the day were Mr.Hemant Rai, Our Principal and Mrs.Cinthiya, English teacher Woodside School,Ooty.The students of the four Houses,Agni,Jala,Prithvi and Vayu had worked tirelessly to give their best.Prithvi House was awarded the first position for their play‘The Canterville. Vayu House was awarded the Second position for their play ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’. Agni House was placed third for their play ‘The Christmas Carol’ Jala House in the fourth Position for their play ‘Eat.. Tomorrow you may Diet’.The show kept the audience glued to their seats as they were mesmerized by the performance of the young budding actors and actresses.

The individual winners are as follows:
1. Best Actor – Ahad (Prithvi)
2. Best Actress – Mahitha (Agni)
3. Best Supporting Actor – Arjav(Vayu) & Ajay (Agni)
4. Best Supporting Actress – Fay(Vayu)

Best Character

1. ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ – Aiyaan (Vayu)
2. ‘The Christmas Carol’ – Arun (Agni)
3. ‘Eat.. Tomorrow you may Diet’- Ajit (Jala)
4. The Carterville Ghost’ – Meta Joseph (Prithvi)

Best Play

1. ‘The Carterville Ghost’ – I Place (Prithvi)
2. ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ – II Place (Vayu)
3. ‘The Christmas Carol’ – III Place (Agni)
4. ‘Eat.. Tomorrow you may Diet’- IV Place (Jala)

“The Canterville Ghost” Play by Prithivi House – I position
“The Bishop’s Candlesticks” play by Vayu House – II position
“The Christmas Carol” play by Agni House – III position
“Eat.. Tomorrow you may Diet” by Jala House – IV position

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