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Separate Dorms For Boys and Girls Matrons in Charge Supervise Wards’ Progress…

The school takes pride in closely monitoring the educational and emotional well-being of each and every student. The school takes such excellent care of the children that the word “home sickness” ceases to exist in their vocabularies. The school has separate Dorms for boys and girls. They are aesthetically designed with optimum convenience. The dormitories are strategically located to ensure that the children have easy access to the class rooms and the dining hall. Each dormitory is run under the care of a dorm-master who keeps a close watch on the physical health and academic progress of the students. A matron-in-charge supervises the other routine work regarding cleanliness and laundry. Making boarding fun is the weekend bonfires that allows students to exhibit their hidden talents, talents like acting, singing and stand-up comedy.


Separate dormitories exist for boys and girls, with hot running water to bathe with and filtered drinking water. Dormitories are equipped with study areas, Televisions, Telephones thereby permitting daily programmers are drawn up to enable the students to lead a disciplined and enjoyable campus life. Yoga, Jogging, Cycling, Karate, Judo, Horse riding, Music and other activities form part of their daily boarding life. Adequate support staff assist the matrons and the warden in the management of the students. An in-house laundry ensures neat and fresh clothing.

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